Stoppel Farm

Sweet cherry breeding with many years of experience.
New sweet cherry varieties for early and late ripening.

Cerasina worldwide

You can find our products all over the world. We are always looking for new locations that have the same values and are just as interested and enthusiastic about cherries and strawberries as we are. If you are looking for a propagator, you have come to the right place.

Cerasina cherry tree
Cerasina Cherries
Cerasina Cherries
Strawberries Malwina


Malwina – Erdbeer und Spargel Profi

Kirschunterlagen: WeiGi geprüft

Cherry breeding at Lake Constance
WeiGi-Unterlagen und Cerasina Kirschen

Cerasina Obstbau – Neue Suesskirschsorten im frühen und späten Reifebereich

New cherry variety will extend Chilean cherry season